How to qualify for a mortgage loan?

Before refining the ideas to a remodeling the perfect decoration must be buried to qualify for a mortgage. Pues could not “ride the horse before putting on the saddle”.

As in other countries, Peru also has conditions and requirements for applying for a mortgage. In this case, the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) issues the regulations for a credit reference.

Call for a mortgage

Call for a mortgage

  • One of the important things before refilling a mortgage is a significant improvement to the initial quota. In Peru, it could be 10%, but ideally 30%.
  • The following is good credit history. In other words, there has always been excellent behavior in the payment of obligations.
  • Of course, it has a good economic solemnity represented by the ingress that receive month after month. From this, it must be separated between 30% and 35% for the payment of the mortgage loan.
  • In order to be able to present the required documents, you have to do your best. One can prove that they are authentic and not false in them.
  • Including the personalities, also has into account those that have to present the property to acquire.

The theme of the heavy labor

The theme of the heavy labor

As long as the grades that manage the banks on average, it can vary well of 1400 soles monthly grandchildren. Also if you have to pay the amount to request and to accommodate the quotas so it will need between 10 and 30 years.

Some banks handle the subject of entries by categories according to the client is located, these may be.

  • The fifth category guests: the ticket is not requested, and the receipt is received in the BCP.
  • The Fourth Category: They are the ones who give a receipt for the honors to the work done.
  • The Third Category: Micro-entrepreneurs who receive income from their business activities.
  • There is another category in which one addresses the persons who receive intensive but does not have the form of questioning. In order to manage them, a product of improvement, from where it is analyzed the management during some months (6 to 9 months). So, but you can qualify for a mortgage.


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